If you love the taste of sensational herbs, you're going to love Kitchen Cannabliss.

Imagine enjoying the taste you love in the food you love using hemp as an herb...just like the other herbs in your spice cabinet!


Dear Friends,


We giggled like school girls the first time we threw the hemp herb in our chowder. It smelled so good, and tasted so good...but wouldn't get us high!


Across the U.S. farmers legally growing a revolutionary crop that has soooo many possibilities! Hemp!



We're so excited to celebrate this freedom to grow and get creative! 


Our favorite new way? Incorporate it into the kitchen!


Sprinkle this nutrient-rich herb everywhere! Do you know what cannabis tastes like? Well, we tested it out and natural hemp tastes just like it! Or so we were told by those Colorado folks. Um, hi Mom! :)

Hello, hemp.

Welcome to the Kitchen!

Get Hemp Cooking!

Imagine this...


Hemp isn’t really a weed, it’s an herb!


Hemp is a super healthy and nutritious plant containing a rich source of fiber, polyphenols (they remove free radicals), flavonoids, oils and minerals!


Including yummy hemp changes the flavor when you add it to your dishes. There’s a  whole new meaning to herbed butter and herbed mashed potatoes! 


Introduce hemp-rich foods to your friends and hip family. This new-to-us herb will revolutionize your kitchen! Honestly, it dates back over 8,000 years. Your ancestors knew what was up!

Inside Your Cookbook...

Discover awesome tips, tricks and recipes to include the hemp herb in your cooking! We’re celebrating 100 years of prohibition with 20 new hemp recipes for 2020!


Your eCookbook includes:

  • Everything you need to throw a party, including appetizers, sides, and main dishes! 

  • How to easily decarboxylate! (Heat the hemp to cook)

  • How to enhance your mocktails or cocktails with food grade terpenes! ( nature's beneficial botanical flavoring also found in cannabis)

  • Wondering where you'll get hemp to cook with? We've got you covered!

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*Price increases Feb. 10th to $14 for the official launch! 

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